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Bone Balm

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Our most gourmet skin food yet. Use as a daily moisturizer, overnight mask, or anywhere your skin needs some extra love. 

We've combined scrumptious ingredients like Grass-fed Tallow, Chamomile-Infused Olive Oil, and the delicacy that is Bone Marrow to give you a delectable skincare experience.

Our bone marrow is sourced from Grass-fed Irish cattle and we dry render it ourselves. What you have left is a rich and nutritious ingredient that will have your skin feeling nourished and vibrant.

The extra virgin olive oil is infused with organic chamomile to extract the magical healing properties from the flowers. Chamomile is known to reduce skin irritation and improve tone.

Finally we use the Thieves Essential Oil Blend for a mouth watering cinnamon scent. This same blend was used during the 15th century to prevent sickness. Grave robbers also used it to prevent catching a bug and we think that goes perfectly with Bone Balm.

Product is 2oz and is stored in an amber glass jar with a metal lid. 

Customer Reviews

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Smell so goo


I can’t really review the balm yet because I literally just got it.. BUT I can say the texture is amazing and it smells DIVINE:)) It’s like cinnamony and clove-y and just delicious. Another great product from health y sol!

Feels great

Smells so good, don't know if there's a tallow balm that can top this one, needs a bigger version, would say unscented one but I like the smell so much I don't see the point of one, probably an upgrade would be a bison version from suet


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