Health y Sol was created to provide you with the most nourishing and safe to use products for your skin. In a 190 billion dollar industry full of face wash, creams, lotions, acids, strips, the skincare market has become difficult to navigate. The majority of companies in this industry, time and time again, abuse their consumers for profit.

They compromise by using fillers, artificial preservatives and fragrances, synthetic dyes, and toxic ingredients to create a hormone wrecking, cheap product. And the consumers eat it up, developing a dependance on these products to maintain "healthy" looking skin. 

In 90% of these products exist one or more compounds founded to negatively impact hormone production, cause infertility, cancer, skin conditions, and compromise immunity. Since it is a subtle damaging of the body's functions over time, people are unaware of what is happening to them.

We hold no secrets as to what goes into our products. We also hold nothing back when it comes to our number one priority:

To help you look beautiful and feel healthy.

The health of your skin is rooted internally, in your diet. With skin being the largest organ of the body and is all consuming, like your digestive system, please feel confident that by using Health y Sol you are using the highest quality products made with ingredients you can eat!

This is Conscious Consumption.